Notes from the October 16th, 2015 Meeting

Kim Sirois Pita of pitapeaces


Author: Kristen Rider

During our October 16th meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from Kim Sirois Pita of pitapeaces. Kim is a self-branding expert who spoke to the group about what exactly a Personal Brand is and how we can all work to develop that brand. Her tips ranged from ways to show our individual personalities via websites and business cards to beefing up our profiles on social media in order to reach more people and improve our networking capabilities. LinkedIn, in particular, was highlighted as a dominant tool in the business networking space and Kim was able to provide specific ways to increase traffic and ultimately our networks using this valuable online resource. Overall, Kim helped the group to understand the importance of our Personal Brands. Not only do these brands follow us wherever we go but they often precede us so it’s always smart to put our best foot forward. Don’t forget to catch Kim Pita’s new book, which comes out in January!

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